Safe Landing in Uzbekistan

First contact with Uzbek culture... I decided to write the blog in english because i meet here many ather travellers and english is the language to communicate.


After a first little shock because on the frankfurt airport all the bikeboxes were sold out when i arrived there on monday, 6 i fnally managed to get my bike on bord flight hy 232 without a box after about 3 hours of going from one desk to an other. i safely landed in tashkent last monday night and heard by coincidencce that the border between uzbekistan and tajikistan at Penjikent is closed so i had to change my plan allready. i travelled west to samarkand by train leaving my bike back in tashkent where i will get back to cross the boarder somewhere close to Tashkent (at Oybek). Now I am sitting at the Bahodir Bed & Breakfast in Samarkant and it is very, very hot outside here in the desert. this morning i got up very early at 4.30 to go to the registan and climb the minatret to see the sunrise. I had to bribe the Police to let me before it oficially opens at 7.30 in the morning. I went there with a Korean traveller and we were all alone in the registan. Very nice. tomorrow i will continue to Bukkara and stay there one or two nights before  heading back to Tashkent. My visa for Tajikistan is valid from 14.6. and I want to go as soon as posible to the mountains and to the pamir highway, where it is a little bit cooler for bike riding...


The internet is so slow here, i cannot upload any pictures yet. Probablely this will only be better in China in a couple of weeks.


  With love from Uzbekistan...

more info in german... 

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    Barbara (Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2011 11:40)

    Schön von Dir zu hören - hoffe, Du kannst die Grenze dann gut überqueren und die kühleren Winde geniessen!Have a safe journey and many more beautiful sunrises.