Taschkent to Dushanbe

Tajik Maountainrange on my way to Dushanbe
Tajik Maountainrange on my way to Dushanbe

I left Tashkent on June, 15 together with Fred & Wendy an Australian couple heading the same direction as me. We split already the same day because their Tajikistan visa was not yet valid. So I entered Tajikistan alone and after my first two cyclingdays of this tour through the very hot desert I arrived in Istaravshan at the foot of the Tjik mountains. From Istaravshan it was a three days trip over 3'300m mountains to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. On my way there I met Fred & Wendy again and we cycled together again. Tomorrow I will take off with the two Australians to the Pamir Highway...

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    Boris (Donnerstag, 23 Juni 2011 09:57)

    Jesses, er ist unterwegs! Gruess mir die Ferne und geniess alles... das sieht man ja nur einmal.