Into the jungle

The border between China and Myanmar at Ruili is definitely closed. So I took a 24h sleeper-bus for the 1000km to Jinghonng to cross the border to Laos instead.


It is still a three days bicycle-ride from here to the border and it is also the beginning of the Southeastasian rainforest. In the jungle around Jingjong there are still some massive trees and in the protected areas apparently also a few elephants, tigers and leopards. Unfortunantely the weather too is very tropical here: In the morning it rains often and in the later afternoon it clears up and the sun shows up. Not the best cycling-weather though. I hate cycling in the rain...


Today I changed some dollars, bought oatmeal for two weeks, peanut butter, a real baguette and some instant coffee. I've got a new raincoat from the youthhostel and found some cheap sandals at the market. So I think I am ready to dive into the jungle of Southeast Asia.



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