Welcome to Laos

Jungle in northern Laos
Jungle in northern Laos

Just arrived yesterday after a 120km ride here in Luang Prabang, the most visited city in Laos. And it is very visited: Lots and lots of tourists here who fly in directly by plane. First I was looking forward to get some backpacker luxuries like pancakes and good coffee but after a day I just think of leaving the town as soon as possible again... It is a nice and relaxed town but just to touristy.


The first day in Laos I crossed the border and camped in some bamboohut in a rubberplanting for two nights because it was raining one day. The next day camping in a bamboohut over some old cornfields with a beautiful view for the sunset and the fullmoonset! Alone in the midst of the jungle. Laos is so little populated that camping is again no problem but you always have to have some extra food with you for picknick, lunch or dinner. There are just not as many restaurants as there were in southern China.


So soon I will head further south and hope to cross all of Laos within 30 days and get to Cambodia to visit there the mother of all temples: Angkor wat!


with love from Laos

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    martin st (Montag, 28 November 2011 02:52)

    Hei Philipp war es nich gefährlich nördlich der Grenze zu Myanmar? Habe im CCTV Berichte gesehen, dass brutale Schmugglerbanden dort über 24 Morde verübt hätten. Aber bist ja safe and soound in Laos angekommen! Sieht man noch Schäden in Laos und Kambodja von den Ueberschwemmungen? Im Oktober
    hat es in Thailand immer Spendenaufrufe für Kambodja gehabt, da grösste Teile unter Waser waren, allerdings später auch halb Thailand! Ich habe eine riesige Freude an Deinen Beschreibungen von Südchina, den horsewomen und dem kraxelnden Bären. Bist zu beneiden, dass Du eine derart gute körperliche Verfassung hast und das alles so gut durchstehst. Ich drücke Dir weiterhin die Daumen und freue mich auf jeden neuen Bericht!Liebe Grüsse und Gassho mst

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    Ursula (Mittwoch, 16 November 2011 06:33)

    I finished my journey and come back to my hometown.
    You still in the road,and I suppose.
    All the best in Laos!