Flat, flater, Cambodia

Pijama-Party in Kratie?
Pijama-Party in Kratie?

I like Cambodia! For a change it is flat and the roads are seald, which means 100 to 150km a day! It is really flat so far. Wolfi and I crossed the border along the Mekong in the northeast and we followed the river until the quiet little town of Kratie, where we had a look at the Irrawady Dolphins. Nice to see these big mammals in this huge river. It was also here where Wolfi and I split after cycling almost 4 weeks together. He went down to Ho Chi Minh City and I was heading east to Phnom Penh.


From Kratie I followed a dirtroad along the Mekong and had to cross the river at some point on a ferry  to get to Khampong Cham - there are only about three bridges over the "Cambodian" Mekong within 600km. The next day was a long 140km ride to Phnom Penh. Cycling into the city was less chaotic than I expected, it was even very easy and I was just flowing with the stream until I got to a cheap guesthouse in the center.


What is most striking so far about Cambodia? As I said flat, women wearing colourful Pijamas all day (see photo) and lots of mines from the civil war right next to the roads .


Tomorrow I am heading north again direction jungel and then Angkor Wat...


Merry christmas!

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