Möglichst wenig für einen extrem breiten Einsatz von Wüste über 4'500er Pässe bis zum tropischen Regenwald.

Fahrrad, Ersatzteile und Werkzeug


Rahmen: MTB Cycletech Papalagi

Felgen: Mavic EX 721 26"

Speichen: DT Swiss Competition

Schaltung: Shimano XT (Daumenschaltung!)

Naben: DT Swiss

Sattel:. Brooks

Gepäckträger vorne und hinten: Tubus

Velocomputer: VDO MC 1.0 mit Höhemnmesser

Pumpe: Lezyne



1 Kette SRAM (Kette1 und 2 alle 1'000km gewechselt)

5 Speichen vorne, 3 hinten links, 3 hinten rechts

2 Schaltkabel

2 Bremskabel

4 Bremsbeläge

1 Faltreifen

2 Veloschläuche





Next Best Thing (Toureninnenringlöser)



Multitool Park Tool

Uhu Schraubensicher



Petrus Kettenöl







Taschen und Camping


Packtaschen: Ortlieb Frontroller Plus / Backroller Plus / Lenkertasche

Packsack wasser dicht: Ortlieb

Tagesrucksack: The North Face



Zelt: MSR Hubba Hubba (2er Zelt)

Schlafsack: Marmot Couloir (Komfort bis -10 Grad/ Limit bis -18 Grad)

Inlet: Seidenschlafsack

Matte: Thermarest Prolite Plus

Licht: Petzl Stirnlampe


Essen / Trinken

Kocher: MSR Whisperlite mit Benzinflasche 0.9l

Pfannen: Edelstahl 1x

Besteck: MSR Klappbesteck, Messer, Gabel, Esslöfel, Sackmesser

Tuperware: 2x

Wasser: 2x1.5l Flasche, 1x0.5l Thermosflasche

Wasserfilter: Katadyn Pocket



1x Hose lang/kurz Trekking mit Zipper Gore Alp X (leider keine Hosentaschen)

1x Hose lang/kurz Trekking mit Zipper Veloplus Verbier  

1x Velohose kurz

1x Unterhose mit Veloeinlage

1x Velo Trikot kurzärmlig

1x Velo Trikot langärmlig

1x Faserpelz

1x Softshell mit Windstopper Gore

1x Biwackjacke Mammut Stratos

1x Thermounterwäsche Merino

Kopf / Hals: 1x Sonnenhut, 1x Helm, 1x Löffler Helmmütze, 1x Hoody, 1x Tube

Hände: 1x fingerlos, 1x lang, 1x Unterziehhandschuhe, 1x Überziehhandschuhe Subzero

Füsse; 2x Velosocken, 1x Merino Socken Extrawarm, 1x Gore-Tex Socken, 1x Velogamaschen, 1x Shimano Schuh Klick SH-MT91


Sonstiges: Apotheke, Kamera, Bücher, Karten, etc.





Bücher und Karten





Coming home 2

Coming home 10 months after I have left
Coming home 10 months after I have left

Going for a big journey is one thing, but coming home is another. Just today I've got a qoutation from Albert Camus from a cycling buddy:


"What gives value to travel is fear. It breaks down a kind of inner structure we have... Far from our own language, stripped of all our props... we are completely on the surface of ourselves. But also, soul-sick, we restore to every being and every object its miraculous value."


I think this is very true and gets the very point of the adventure of going for a big journey. And now coming home is another adventure. And it breaks down another inner structure again. After so many months on the road with no home but the tent or a hotelroom, the routine of getting on the bike every morning, looking at the sky and the weather, the impression of so many so different people, animals, landscapes, sounds, smells coming home is like another big adventure. An adventure at least as big as the going away. Coming home with all these impressions, life will never be the same again.


After two months of asylum at my parents house in the north east of Switzerland I found a place to stay in Zurich in April. So it was time to go for the last bit of my journey: riding the 80km back home to Zurich. I took some small roads through the hills of the Hinterthurgau, crossed the Lake of Zurich on a ferry and reached Zurich Wollishofen almost exactly 10 months after I have left the town by bike (see photo).


This is the end of my journey.

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From +30 to -20 degrees Celsius

Snowcovered hills back home
Snowcovered hills back home

Taking a plane with a bicycle always makes me a little bit nervous since there seem not to exist any definitive regulations and it always depends partly on the goodwill of the clerk at the check-in desk. After organizing a carboard-box for the bike and a taxiride to Bangkok International Airport I was checking in as early as possible with 38kg instead of the allowed 30kg. The woman at the counter did some phonecalls but in the end gave me boardingpass and ticket and I didn't have to pay any overweight!! Yeeeesss! It could have been 40$/kg overweight!


After one night in Colombo my plane to Switzerland took off at noon on February, 3 and by sunset we landed in Zurich. The temperature outside: minus 11 degrees Celsius and still dropping! And it dropped as far as minus 22 degrees the following night. The next day - exactly eight months after my departure - I cycled the last few km back home through a beautiful snowcovered landscape.


Total time: 8 months

Total km: 8'864 km

Total countries: 7 (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgistan, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand)

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The dewdrop has reached the ocean

After more or less eight months and 8800km of cycling I have reached the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand.


After two weeks in Chiang Rai I missed my bicycle. So I took a bus down to Bangkok again just to take my bicycle on the train and head for the Cambodian border at Aranya Prathet where I crossed the border three weeks before. I decided to make a little detour through Cambodia before heading south to the sea. I passed through the colonial City of Battambang and continued from there south to the borderprovince of Pailin, known for gemstones and beeing the last "Khmer Rouge Resort". From here I cycled straight down to Trat at the Gulf of Thailand and took a boat to the remote jungle-island of Koh Kut (picture).


The Island is the perfect lonely-beach-paradise and endpoint of my pilgrimage from the Central Asian deserts over the Himalayan Plateau to the jungles of Southeast Asia. So I pass my remaining days here at the white beaches of Koh Kut.


On february, 2 my flight leaves at 7 p.m. from Bangkok International Airport direction Switzerland...

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